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Hypnosis for Motivation

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Education and teaching: How to use self-hypnosis

to reach your highest potential in the shortest time


The techniques I teach are great for work performance

and everyday life situations, including the management

of stress.

The method used: Demonstration and participation, I will

take the group through self-hypnosis sessions connecting them

to their inner strength. Teaching them how to use self-hypnosis

on their own.

Talk Stresses: Positive daily living, self-hypnosis programming for reaching their full potential in life.

Take-Aways: I will give your group tools and techniques they can

start using immediately with minimal effort.

All of this is presented in an Entertaining fashion to keep their interest.

Not just a boring Ra Ra Session that begins to fade with the speaker's last word. But instead, a session that creates a lifetime of positive memories and it works. 

Many participants will notice immediate changes in their lives.

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