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Ultimate Golf

The championship Series

The winning edge in Golf

It is a well-known fact that much of their score depends on how the Golfer thinks. Ben Hogan said, "Golf is twenty percent technique and

eighty percent mental. Jack Nicklaus has stated that he believes that 

Golf is 90% mental preparation and only 10% skill. He prepares for matches by visualizing problem putts and mentally rehearsing how he will execute each drive. Tiger Woods used a Hypnosis coach from the age of ten.

The Difference between a Pro-Golfer and an amateur  

When coming to a water hole, the amateur immediately grabs older water 

balls are expecting to hit the ball into the water.

The Pro comes to the same water hole and thinks how they can effectively make the shot and continue their Focus.

Some key areas hypnotist can be of service to the professional, amateur, or recreational Golfer. Regardless of age or skill level include. 1.) Mental 

Imagery and mental rehearsal of positive experiences or feelings. 

2.) Confidence and belief in self. 3.)Concentration and Focus, 

4.) Dismissal of negative experiences mistakes or losses, 5.) Anxiety control, Overall, this means to practice feeling, thinking, and being the best one can be whether for Golf Improvement or life. Hypnotists frequently work with confidence, anxiety, and concentration in various applications, and Golf is no exception.

Specific mental imagery skills for Golf are a vital component in reaching the winning edge. ASt the elite Golf training centers, mental tools such as

visualization, imagery, and mental rehearsal are becoming increasingly

the dominant part of the training regiment Golfers watch video/digital recordings of their own. the successful performance or that of a favorite

Golf idol. Hypnosis often used to integrate desired changes or rehearse

a success or win until it becomes part of the Golfers reality. With hypnosis, all the senses, feelings, and positive thoughts can be enhanced and put into action. Posthypnotic suggestions trigger positive reactions by

the Golfer to get back in the Zone.

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